Use of circular materials


At BIGA we spent more than a year studying and searching for materials that offer a perfect balance between durability and sustainability. Our materials have been selected with the aim of creating functional garments that guarantee their prolonged use avoinding quality and resistance of the products being damaged over time.

In order to minimise our environmental impact, we are committed to reducing textile waste, using a high percentage of recycled materials from European suppliers, all of which are endorsed by the Global Recycled Standard certificate, a seal that extends its verification from production, environmental and chemical impact, to the working conditions behind the manufacture of the product.

40% of BIGA’s garments are made from recycled materials and we are working to reach 100% in the short term.

Although our focus is on the use of circular materials, in some garments we still opt for non-recycled raw materials, such as those made of denim. Our choice is justified in order to guarantee the strength and durability of these garments. The denim fabric we use at BIGA maintains its shape throughout washing and has the property of repelling water and water-based stains thanks to the innovative treatment applied to its surface. This functionality allows us to increase the life of our garments, reducing the number of washes and, as a consequence, also the consumption of water and electricity.

In addition, our supplier offers an ecological alternative to one of the most polluting processes in denim manufacturing: dyeing. Due to the AquaSave and Eco4 systems, the fabric is dyed without wasting water and finished with a time- and waste-saving finish.

However, in our relentless quest to offer more sustainable solutions, we support ongoing research to improve the quality of recycled fabrics that we hope to incorporate in our future collections.

Use of renewable and biodegradable materials

Organic cotton is present in our knitwear and in the inner linings that cover some of our pieces. Our suppliers are GOTS certified, which guarantees the use of organic fibres in the fabrics and the absence of dyes or dangerous chemical substances, as well as ensuring their social responsibility.

The decision to reduce our use of petroleum-derived materials has led us to find less environmentally harmful alternatives, such as manufacturing our buckles using 3D printing.

Thanks to this technology, our national supplier avoids wasting resources, using only the material necessary for the manufacture of each piece.

The material used is PLA (polylactic acid), a polymer made from natural raw materials such as corn, sugar beet or sugar cane. This makes our buckles compostable through industrial plants.

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