Research and technology applied to textiles

At BIGA we believe that research is key to a sustainable future. This is the foundation of our work of exploration and implementation of new functionalities and improvement of existing ones in recycled fibres. BIGA invests in R&D and is committed to technology to create the fabric of the future.

Our aim is to create “the perfect fabric”, one that allows us to make long-lasting garments and at the same time reduce the impact derived from their use. A goal that is already reflected in the nanotechnological properties of our fabrics from the first collection:

Stain-repellent:This finish makes the fabric resistant to water penetration and water-based stains such as those caused by wine, coffee or juices, thus reducing the need to wash the garment. By reducing laundry, we slow down the deterioration of the fabric, increasing its useful life and at the same time optimising the resources used in the care of the garment.

Keeping safety and ethics as a priority, we opted for the application of nanotechnological compounds of ecological origin to achieve this functionality. By doing so, we put the absence of compounds that are harmful to humans and the environment, such as PFCs, which are very common in the most popular water repellent treatments, to the flawless performance of our finishes.

Anti-wrinkle: This feature is obtained thanks to the composition and weaving of the fabrics themselves. On this basis, we have prioritised in our selection those whose composition and weaving provide greater resistance to creases, with the aim of minimising ironing, thus avoiding abrasion while saving electricity and reducing CO2 emissions.

Antibacterial: This property inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause the development of bad odours. It is present in garments that have greater friction with the skin and are more likely to come into contact with sweat, such as T-shirts. This extends the time between washes and once again optimises the resources involved in the care of the garment. This antibacterial functionality is obtained thanks to the application of a compound based on silver nanoparticles,. Due to the implementation of silver in minimal doses, its use has no consequences for health or the environment.

Wind proof: This feature is present in our Avant Caine Trenchcoat and gives the fabric the ability to withstand high wind conditions thanks to a special finishing technology.

Breathable: as a result of the characteristics of the fibres, this property allows the fabric to absorb moisture from the body and expel it to the outside. This way, a dry microclimate is maintained between the skin and the garment, thus promoting comfort. This functionality is optimised in our denim fabric because its composition includes fibres with Coolmax technology, with the capacity to manage humidity in a very efficient way, thus achieving an adequate regulation of body temperature.

In order to get you to know your BIGA AW garment perfectly and get the most out of it, when you receive your order you will find a label with our “functionalities chart”. On this material made from 100% recycled cardboard you can discover at a glance all the properties and advantages of your new purchase.

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