BIGA is a fashion brand for people who appreciate design, are committed to innovation and respect nature.

We create a minimalist, sophisticated and timeless aesthetic. Our basis is a classic design which we fuse with high performance materials, using the latest in textile technology.

BIGA has chosen to be “slow fashion”, has developed a fair production programme and seeks to foster responsible consumption. We pursue sustainability by increasing the durability of our garments.

We commit to technology and invest in innovation, continuously striving for constant progress. Thanks to built-in nanotechnology, BIGA garments offer superior comfort, require fewer resources for their care, and last longer in the closet.

We have tackled the challenge of making garments valuable again, turning them once again into precious items that have a story to tell. A story capable of crossing closets and generations.

Dress smart.

National production

We value everybody who participates in the production chain. We use materials from neighbouring European countries and work with local tailors and dressmakers who have solid experience in the industry.
Our clothing network is national: we work with workshops in Galicia and the Basque Country.

Smart fabrics, recycled materials

The BIGA Avant Wear team has spent more than one year studying and researching materials that offer the perfect balance between durability and sustainability.

We also invest in R&D to improve and create the “fabric of the future”.


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